Contemporary African Art in Interior Design

Who buys the art when you are creating an interior design for home or office? Most of the time it's the clients. But often you find something that you know is just right and then it's a matter of bringing it to their attention. You've spent hours learning about your clients - you may even know more about them than they consciously know themselves. You aim to create an interior design that embodies their values, tastes and preferences, that is comfortable and relaxing, aesthetically pleasing yet functional, nurturing and deeply satisfying to the spirit. You now that accessories, especially art and collections, are the windows of the soul.

The paintings of Gabriel Eklou celebrate African values: family, community and the rule of wisdom. His paintings are in the classic tradition of humanist art, celebrating life in all its activities and rhythms.

His canvases bring a subtle energy, a positive dynamic, an expressive power into the interior design of a space, without overwhelming it. Earth tones predominate and the composition is spacious.

A world view isn't necessary to appreciate this art. But if do you have clients who have traveled they may, like some viewers, note similarities between his works and the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux, or wonder if he is painting the African Don Quixote. Others enjoy the quirky energy and character of his horses and dogs. Eklou paints his corner of the global village and we recognize the human spirit in his work.

We at The Motherland Studio know that interior design is an art in itself and finding the perfect art work to harmonize and enhance your designs is a challenge. West African art is an inspiration to the world. In Ghana, art is food for the spirit and its people delight in color, design, pattern and rhythm. This is evident everywhere, from its famous Kente cloth, which was once worn only by royalty, to its percussive music and dance. We invite you to view the paintings of Gabriel Eklou and see for yourself the joyful and universal spirit with which he celebrates African life. The Motherland Studio is open by appointment only. It would be our pleasure to arrange a private viewing.

Our studio promotes contemporary African artists and sharing the richness and depth of African life. If you are the designer for the interior residential space of a home or office, we encourage you to visit Gabriel Eklou's gallery.