Recent Exhibitions by Gabriel Eklou

The Motherland Studio is proud to join the following exhibitors in Ghana, Japan, Spain, Denmark and England in showcasing the contemporary African art of Gabriel Eklou. Through them, his works have found homes in corporate and private collections around the world, bringing his humanist spirit into their interior designs.


June 28 - July 30, 2008 "Celebrating 80", The Loom Gallery, Accra, Ghana
June 5-30, 2008 "The Harvest" Novotel Hotel, Accra Ghana
February 2008 ARCO, International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid Spain
September 24-28, 2007 "Inspirations and Confluence" Afrikart, Art Space Gallery, 18 Maddox Street, London
May 2007 "Heads and Tails", Accra, Ghana
April 2007 "Cross Africa", ThorupArt, Portalen Greve, Denmark
January 2007 "The Harmattan", The Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra, Ghana
2006 "Sensations", Accra, Ghana
March 24, 2006 "Banana Farm", presented to His Excellency John A.Kufuor, President, Republic of Ghana at the inauguration ceremony for the Kasunya Estate Banana Plantation. Commissioned by Golden Exotics Ltd, Ghana West Africa
2006 "Fairfield Artists' Studio Tour",
The Motherland Studio, Langley, BC, Canada
2005 "A Slice of Africa", Afrikart-Gallerie, Barnes, London

"Contemporary Colours of Africa", Zizi Gallery & Afrikart-Gallerie, Mayfair, London

"The Root", Hokkaido, Japan

"Imprints of Africa", Thorup Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Dialogue", The Loom Art Gallery, Accra, Ghana & Artists Alliance, Accra, Ghana
2004 The Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra, Ghana

"Kpehe" Art in Action 3, DuBois Centre for Pan African Culture, Accra, Ghana

"Transition", 12 Contemporary Artists of Ghana, Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra Ghana

"Contemporary African Classics Volume II", Afrikart -Gallerie, Chiswick Park, London

"Nubuke (A New Dawn)", The Bettie Morton Gallery & Black Swan, London, England

"The Colours of Earth", Accra, Ghana

"Transition", 12 Contemporary Artists of Ghana, LO-FTF Council, Copenhagen, Denmark